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Our partners

Philicon Philicon
Canned vegetables
Fruit juices Fresh and Fresh premium
Ideal Product Ideal Product
Canned vegetables and fruits
Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard
Konservinvest Konservinvest
Wide variety of fruit, vegetables and meat purees, fruit milk paps, pate, canned meat. Malechko children's foods - fruit, vegetable & fruit and meat-vegetable purees.
Slantcho Slantcho
Baby purees and gruels, grain products
Atol Atol
Tinned fish
Bello Horizonte Bello Horizonte
Tinned fish, gourmet cans, tinned meat and canned meals
Shiderov Shiderov
Starch, confectionery seasonings and condiments, exotic spices, dried leafy herbs, mixed seasonings and mixtures
Boskan Boskan
Turkish and Greek olives in packages of 0.180 kg, 2 kg, 2,5 kg.
Devon Devon
Filo pastry
Koldrum Koldrum
Frozen vegetables
CUB 2000 CUB 2000
Tomato paste 0.700 kg, 5 kg, ketchup 1L, 0.5 l, chutney 0.300 kg, 1 kg, 5 kg. Various types of jam 0.360 kg
Tomato paste
Vinari Trade Vinari Trade
Vinegar Kulinar
Belana Belana
Toilet paper, kitchen rolls, napkins
Alfa Frigo Alfa Frigo
Frozen fish
Valchev Valchev
Cow milk butter
Rodopeya - Belev Rodopeya - Belev
Yellow cheese and other dairy products
Primo Trade Primo Trade
Chicken fillet, chicken thigh steak, chicken nuggets, chicken wings
Nescafe Nescafe